About The Company

About The Company

Hi, my name is John Farrell. My wife Tracy and I got our start in the party rental business after renting bounce houses for our daughters’ birthday parties while living in Maryland. I was looking to open and run my own business so we decided to talk to the owner of the bounce company we rented from. After consulting with him for a couple of weeks we decided to jump in head first and have been doing this full time since day one. Tracy was looking to move closer to her home town and family so we decided to move to the Richmond, VA area to open our business.

Our initial investment of $50,000 allowed us to purchase a pickup truck, trailer, office equipment, bounces, carnival games, concession machines and storage. We are fortunate to have had our friend mentor us for the first two years on how to start and run our business. He is very successful with his business so we just followed his lead and 16 years later still speak to him frequently. We grew very quickly the first couple of years in the business and saw steady growth every year after. We started with 540 square feet of warehouse space and now have over 4,725 square feet.

We have a variety of clients that include big corporations, schools, churches, professional sports teams as well as individual parties. We have worked with the Richmond Kickers and Richmond Flying Squirrels for a number of years. We pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service and a good clean product which is why many of our clients have been with us for 16 straight years.

We are now licensed to franchise our business in Virginia as well as 39 other states across the country. We are looking to open 5 franchises in 2021. We are looking for entrepreneurs just like ourselves, hungry to be their own boss. This is a great family business. Our daughters Hailey and Hannah were 6 and 8 when we started the business and when they reached their teens both started working with us. Hailey is now off to college in Hawaii and Hannah is now attending Old Dominion University.

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