Carnival Games


Hungry Hippo Chow Down

Your favorite childhood game has a new twist - you're the hippo! Join others in a race to "chow down" the most balls in the life-size Hungry Hippo Chow Down game.

Watch a video of the game in action!


Golf Pong (3 Games in 1)

Golf Pong

Golf Pong, corn hole style

Golf Pong, classic style

Golf Pong Fundraiser

Our new Golf Pong game will keep your party guest entertained for hours. It’s three games in one. Game comes with a chipping wedge and plastic practice golf balls for safety.

  1. Golf Pong Corn Hole – This game is played with two different color golf balls. You can play solo or as a team. Each row is numbered with a different point total for that row. Put the ball in the cup and add up your score. The first person or team to 11 is the winner.
  2. Golf Pong – This game is played similar to the way some of you are familiar with. There are two cap colors and you can play Solo(pun intended) or team up. Put the ball in the cup and then cover it with your color cap. The individual or team with the most caps at the end wins.
  3. Golf Pong Fundraiser - Center solo cup is replaced with an all red cup. The player gets however many shots you determine. If they get it in the center cup they win a prize of your offering.

Hoop Shot
Bank shot, jump shot, slam dunk. Show us your best hoop shot!
Hoola Hoop Toss
Each game comes complete with 1(One) 8x8 block with “Pillar and Hoola Hoop” as well as 6 hoola hoops 

Dimensions: 8" square base
Weight: 25 lbs
Human Foosball
Watch the video to see this fun game in action!

Dimensions: 45'L x 20'W x 7'H
Inflatable Soccer/Dart Target Game

Fancy yourself as a red hot prolific striker like Messi and Aguero?
Want the ultimate test of accuracy? Then step up and fire your highest score. People play it in the same way as darts but with soccer ball darts that stick to the dart board. It is suitable for all ages from young kids to the adults, it's the new latest craze for any event. Can also be used with a bow and velcro arrows for archery games. 
Check out the video!

Dimensions: 15'L x 4'W x 15'H