Moon Bounces


Warp Speed Arena

This challenging interactive arena is a hit at any event and good for all ages. Take on your friends to see who has the speed and hand/eye coordination to rise to the top. It comes with an Interactive Play System scoreboard that keeps track of time and points. This interactive game is great for team building. You can play this game 1 on 1 or with 2 teams of 2 players.

Bouncy Boxing

Firetruck Slide

With the dimensions of a backyard slide, this 18-foot-tall unit makes a great item for fund raisers as well as rentals. Actual photographs of real fire trucks were used to create a digital image that looks like the real thing. Amazing photo-realism graphics are really on display with three of the most requested slides ever created. 

Dimensions:18’H x 11’W x 28’L"H

Human Foosball
Watch the video to see this fun game in action!

Dimensions: 45'L x 20'W x 7'H

Fun Derby


Place your bets, line up the horses and watch your friends race down the final home stretch of this inflatable race track. Each player sits on an inflated horse and bounces down the track. When the first person crosses the finish line you have a winner.

Dimensions:10'H x 24'10"W x 30'L

Click to watch a video of the Fun Derby in action!

Giant Beer Pong

Giant Beer Pong

Jungle Adventure 3-in-1 Combo
Looking for the perfect indoor size bouncer to keep the kids happy during the cold winter months? Well, look no further. This beautiful Mini Combo is designed to fit in any small space. With dimensions of 13'L x 11'W x 7'10"H, they'll fit inside homes, garages, carports, basements, childcare centers, and any other confined area. Don't let Mother Nature stop you from entertaining the kids! 

Dimensions:13'L x 11'W x 7'10"H
Mobile Monkey Motion
This innovate jumper system uses a patented fiberglass pole technology. The Mobile Monkey Motion™ allows participants to soar up to 18 feet (5.48 meters) in the air and is the only kind on the market to not use bungee cords! Operate up to 4 jumpers at one time.


Rocky River Log Roll
This game involves the competition of Joust and the skill of a Wave board ... All in One! Just like the professionals in the outdoor games, two players stand on the foam covered rolling log, (on shock absorbers) using their feet to spin the log back and forth and knock their opponent off. The 33-foot wide panorama wrap around attraction featuring Niagara Falls will be a delight for everyone. Play or just watch... everybody will have fun!
Twister Bounce
The Twister Bounce adds a new 'twist' to the classic game. Allows more players and more fun. Twister Bounce -- it'll tie you up in knots!
Zorb Balls with Drag Track

Climb inside the Zorb Ball and run like you’re in a human hamster-wheel. It’s even more fun to compete against your friends on our Zorb Ball Drag Track. An old-fashioned, dual-lane, straight-line drag race to see who’s fastest to the finish line.


  • Zorb Balls: 9' round
  • Drag Track: 75'L x 25'W x 4'H


5-in-1 Module Bounce



This unit has so many tantalizing features no child could resist. Jump to your delight in the bounce area, shoot baskets inside and out, crawl through and up the climbing obstacle and slide down to exit. Hours of fun for everyone.

Dimensions: 16' x 16' x 13'


Available Options



Module with Hoop



This unit features a 15'x15' bouncing area combined with an inside basketball hoop. Great for all occasions. Your children will have hours of fun in this Moonbounce.

Dimensions: 15'H x 15'W


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40' x 40' inflatable open tent


Dual Surf 'n Slide










Cool down on a hot day with this popular water slide and have a blast sliding across an amazing 36 feet of slippery runway.

Dunk Tank

Dunking tanks have been delighting crowds for years. The concept of dunking the boss at the company picnic, or dunking the local "celebrity" at fundraising events has become an American pastime. Who would you like to dunk? 

Tropical Dual Lane Slip 'n Slide

Race your friends through the palm trees with the Tropical Dual Lane Slip n Slide.

Dimensions: 9'H x 12'W x 40'L