Rental Price List

Moon Bounces4-Hour
Interactive Slides/Bounces 
18′ Slide$280
3-in-1 Castle Combo (with Obstacle Course)$500 / $800
4-in-1 Combo$255
5-in-1 Combo$270
5-in-1 Bounce Combo with Obstacle Course$290
Adrenaline Rush Extreme$995
Boot Camp Challenge$995
Bouncy Boxing$305
Bungee Run$380
Double Drop Slide (24′)$580
Firetruck Slide$330
Foam Pit
– with DJ and Light Show
– with DJ
– with attendant
Fun Derby$250
Gladiator Joust$305
Hungry Hippo Chow Down$455
Jumbo Funhouse$280
Jungle Adventure 3-in-1 Combo$180
Kids’ Crayon Play Center$305
Leaps N Bounds$695
Mechanical Bull$780
Mobile Monkey Motion$1,295
40-Foot Obstacle Course$355
Obstacle Course$280
Obstacle Course Combo (with bounce/slide)$430/ $660
Rock Climb (includes 2 attendants)$895
Rocky River Log Roll$625
Sesame Street Center$305
Sports Obstacle Course$355
Twister Bounce$135
Warp Speed Arena$550
Wrecking Ball$355
Zorb Balls with Drag Track$555
Licensed Interactive Bounces 
5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Alien Planet 4-in-1 Combo$255
Alien Planet 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Christmas 4-in-1 Combo$255
Christmas 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Circus 4-in-1 Combo$255
Circus 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Disney Princesses 4-in-1 Combo$255
Disney Princesses 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Dora 4-in-1 Combo$255
Dora 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Easter 4-in-1 Combo$255
Firefighters Rule 4-in-1 Combo$255
Firefighters Rule 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Firetruck 4-in-1 Combo$255
Firetruck 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Halloween 4-in-1 Combo$255
Halloween 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Happy Birthday 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Harvest 4-in-1 Combo$255
Harvest 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Green Man 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
The Incredibles 4-in-1 Combo$255
The Incredibles 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
“It’s a Girl Thing” 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Military 4-in-1 Combo$255
Military 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Monster Trucks 4-in-1 Combo$255
Monster Trucks 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Noah’s Ark 4-in-1 Combo$255
Noah’s Ark 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Police and Fire 4-in-1 Combo$255
Police and Fire 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Power Rangers 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Puppies and Kittens 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Robo-Car 4-in-1 Combo$255
Robo-Car 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
SpongeBob 4-in-1 Combo$255
Sports 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
St. Patrick’s Day 4-in-1 Combo$255
St. Patrick’s Day 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Star Wars 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Strawberry Shortcake 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
“The Big Race” 4-in-1 Combo$255
“The Big Race” 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Treasure Island 4-in-1 Combo$255
Treasure Island 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Tropical Paradise 4-in-1 Combo$255
Tropical Paradise 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Western 4-in-1 Combo$255
Western 5-in-1 Module with Obstacle$290
Deluxe/Licensed Bounces 
Alien Planet Module with Hoop$165
Castle Bounce$150
Christmas Module with Hoop$165
Circus Module with Hoop$165
Deluxe Castle Bounce$150
Disney Princesses Castle Bounce$165
Disney Princesses Module with Hoop$165
Dora Module with Hoop$165
Dragon Castle Bounce$305
Easter Module with Hoop$165
Firefighters Rule Module with Hoop$165
Firetruck Module with Hoop$165
Frozen Module$165
Halloween Module with Hoop$165
Happy Birthday Module with Hoop$165
Harvest Module with Hoop$165
The Incredibles Module with Hoop$165
Justice League Club Bounce$165
Military Module with Hoop$165
Module with Hoop$165
Monster Trucks Module with Hoop$165
Noah’s Ark Module with Hoop$165
Police and Fire Module with Hoop$165
Puppies and Kittens Module with Hoop$165
SpiderBoy Module with Hoop$165
SpongeBob Module with Hoop$165
Sports Module with Hoop$165
Sports Jump Module with Hoop$165
St. Patrick’s Day Module with Hoop$165
“The Big Race” Module with Hoop$165
Treasure Island Module with Hoop$165
Tropical Paradise Module with Hoop$165
Western Module with Hoop$165
World of Disney Club Bounce$165
Water Slides/Fun 
20-Foot Dolphin Slide$355
20-Foot 2-Lane Waterslide$405
Dual Surf N Slide$300
Dunk Tank$255
Tropical Slip N Slide$330
Carnival Games4-Hour
1-on-1 Hoops$150
Armchair Quarterback$175
Bank Ball$45
Giant Beer Pong$175
Bingo Game$65
Birdie Golf Blackjack$450
Boom Blaster (set of 2 / 4)$80 / $150
Can Smash$45
Cash Cube$125
Coke Bottle Toss$45
Conk the Cow$85
Giant Connect 4$65
Corn Hole$75
Cow Milking Contest$125
Crazy Hat$45
Duck Pond$75
Fat Cat$45
Field Goal Challenge$180
Football Toss (set of 1 / 2 / 3 / 4)$65/$85/$95/$105
Frisbee Toss$45
Frog Hop$45
Froggy Fly Fling$65
Giraffe Kiddie Striker$65
Golf Challenge$65
Golf Pong$75
Hamster Balls$355
High Striker$225
Home Run Derby$180
Hoola Hoop Toss$45
Hoop Shot$45
Hungry Hippo Chow Down$455
Inflatable Soccer/Dart Target Game$290
Krazy Kans$45
Lasso the Longhorn$85
Limbo Contest$65
Mobile Monkey Motion$1,295
Monkey Kiddie Striker$65
Monster Basketball (6-ft/8-ft)$65 / $75
Pit Stop Challenge$225
Prize Wheel$75
Ring the Bull$45
Ring Toss$45
Rocky River Log Roll$625
Roller Racers (set of 4/6/8)$85 / $115 / $140
Skee Ball$45
Sky Dancer (set of 1 / 2)$125 / $200
Soccer Challenge$130
Sombrero Toss$85
Speed Pitch$255
Spin Art, with 20 5″x7″ cards
– 5″x7″ card
– 5″x7″ puzzle with frame
– flying disc (white)
– set of additional paint (4 oz)
Sumo Suits$280
Surf Simulator*call for pricing*
Tic Tac Toe$45
Trackless Train (2-hour / 4-hour)$405 / $600
Tumble Tower$45
Zorb Balls with Drag Track$555
Concessions/Party Supplies4-Hour
1911 Popcorn Machine with Stand$65
4 oz Popcorn Machine (without/with stand)
– popcorn mix (6 1-oz serv./4-oz serv.)
– popcorn bags
– popcorn box (1.05 oz)
$55 / $70
$1.50 / $1.25
Banquet Table (6′)$10
Bubble Machine$25
Cotton Candy Bubble$10
Cotton Candy Machine
– sugar (Blue Raspberry or Pink Vanilla)
– cones
– ferris wheel bags
Folding Chair, each$1
Generator*call for pricing*
Pucker Powder, with 100-straw purchase$50
Pucker Powder Kit (medium/large)
– 6″ straw (30 minimum)
– 12″ straw (25 minimum)
– 18″ straw (25 minimum)
$16 / $24
Mini Pucker Powder (includes supplies for 30)$55
Sand Blast
– 2 oz. Bottles  (25)
– 5 oz. Assorted Bottles, mixed (25)
– Sand, 8 colors (2 lb bag)
Snow Cone Machine
– cones
– syrup* (16 oz/1 gallon)
$3 / $18
Temporary Glitter Tattoos*call for pricing*
Inflatable Dome Tent$455
* Snow cone syrup flavors:
Lemon/Lime, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Grape, Cherry

[Last updated Monday, May 28, 2018.]


  • All users of Bounce 2 the Moon, Inc. ® equipment must read and sign a Rider Release Form.
  • A supervisor supplied by you is required for all private moonbounce rentals.
  • Electricity is required for all moonbounces.
  • Water is required for the Dunk Tank, Cow Milking Contest, Duck Pond, Pitchburst, Waterslide, and Slip-n-Slide.
  • Indoor Line Moon Bounces, Interactive, Carnival Games, Consessions and Supplies do not include delivery.
  • Econo, Deluxe and Designer Line Moon Bounces include free delivery and set up within a 10-mile radius of our location in Chesterfield, VA. Call for info on all deliveries.
  • We offer Moon Bounces from 8′ x 8′ up to 20’x20′ and bigger in the Interactive section.
  • $50.00 Deposit is required at time of reservation. Add 6.3% Sales Tax to all orders. Full Payment due upon delivery of unit. You are responsible for the electricity and water supply. If your event is held in a public area where a permit is required, you must secure the permit within 10 business days of the event. If the permit is not secured within 10 days of your event, Bounce 2 The Moon, Inc.® reserves the right to cancel your reservations. You are responsible for the electricity and water for your event.
  • Attendants are extra and are required at some locations.

RAIN POLICY:Due to inclement weather, we will give you the option of accepting the unit or not. If you decide to keep the unit, there will be no refunds and/or discounts. During periods of severe weather conditions (rain, high winds, etc.) we reserve the right to cancel your reservations.PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE
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